Create Promo Codes to Help Promote Magazine Downloads

Apple are now allowing promo codes to be used for In App Purchases (IAP’s). Previously you could create a promo code in your iTunes Connect account for the App but now you can actually create codes for In App Purchases which is great news for developers and also our clients, in particular magazine publishers.

The benefits of this means publishers can offer promo codes on certain magazine issues to encourage subscriptions or simply to entice existing print users to the digital version. There are some limitations however, there are only 100 promo codes available for each issue and no more than 1000 codes can be issued in a 6 month period. Even with these restrictions it still gives publishers ample opportunity to promote their apps.

Here is a guide to set up promo codes for In App Purchases:

For App Owners/Developers

  1. Sign into your iTunes Connect account
  2. Go to My Apps and select your app.
  3. Click on Features – Promo Codes
  4. Enter the number of codes you require for your IAP and click Generate Code
  5. You are no able to view the code and copy it ready to send to your app user.


For App Users to redeem Promo Code

  1. On device go to App Store
  2. Tap Featured tab
  3. Scroll to bottom of page
  4. Tap Redeem
  5. Enter Promo Code

The In App Purchase (IAP) will not download for free on your device.

This only works in territories where your app is available in.