Different design options when publishing your magazine app

Our digital publishing solution is designed to make it quick, easy and cost effective for publishers to get their content into the app stores. From the time our clients give us the green light we can have their app published within the store within 10 days for iOS and 2-3 days for Android. Our clients simply..

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We are not just magazine apps

Whilst a majority of our clients are multi title or indie publishers our flexible product and service also provides a solution for many other sectors looking to replace paper with digital. With print and distribution costs for ever on the increase it makes sense to house content within an app. Such uses for our app..

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New Tablish iPhone app

We have recently completed development of a new iPhone app which now includes all the same interactivity as our iPad app. The new app also has a brand new library page to replace the old cover flow carousel which has made the downloaded process far more stable. There is also a new pop up when you..

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